This is how we work so we give you the best possible experience. Meet our simple process.

Many web designers prefer to design and develop everything from scratch, believing that is what you need to have a successful website. However, these are very expensive, time consuming, and are difficult to update yourself. At Totally Websites we are proud to use existing frameworks designed by some of the world’s best developers. This provides us with a platform upon which we then build your website, which saves us time and therefore saves you money. And it all starts with our simple four-step process…

We Meet.

We start by meeting to discuss what you want. This can be done in person (in the Bury area), over the phone, or through email. We find out what you want, we gather information, and we work out what you need. Amongst other things we will need to talk about…

» Who the target audience of your website is
» Whether this will be a new website or a redesign
» What the main purpose of your site will be
» What you want the look and feel of your site to be
» Whether or not you will provide the content & images


Within a few days you will recieve a project summary and fee. If we agree that we’re good, we will move forward from there.

We Plan.

Once we’ve got a good idea about what you need, we turn this into a plan that we can work from and get things moving. We try to get a new website up and running in two to six weeks. But a lot of this depends on you, the client getting information to us (such as content and images) in a timely manner.

» Set-up domain and hosting account
» Install the WordPress framework
» Work out where to place your content
» Look into how to improve your site’s functionality

We Design.

This is where your website starts to take shape. We use the information you gave us, and the plan we developed to implement your design and build the site. We’ll be in touch with you throughout this phase to make sure you’re happy with what we’re doing.

» Add your logo and tagline
» Choose font-styles and colour schemes
» Add your content
» Develop the site’s design and functionality

We Deliver.

Your website is ready for launch. But before it goes live, we carry out tests to make sure all it all works as it should. We view it on different devices and screen sizes to ensure your site’s users get the best experience possible. And we make sure it can be found by search engines.

» Ease of use on all screens
» Usability testing
» Search engine optimisation (SEO)
» You check it an give it your approval

So, as you can see, our process is simple after all. Now it's time to check out some of our work



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