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We create totally beautiful websites.

Built for mobile. Hosting management. Optimised for search.

Whatever your reason for needing a website, Totally Websites has a solution for it. You can’t afford to not be online these days. If most of your business comes through personal connections and networking, then they will want to check out your website to see what you can offer them. More than 2.5 billion people use the Internet every day, and most of them have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months. So if you haven’t got a website, you could be missing out.

Made for mobile.

Most people look at websites on their phone. Your website needs to look great on small screens or else people will be turned off. So we will give it a responsive design, meaning that your website will automatically adjust itself to fit on smartphones and tablets, as well as looking great on larger screens.

Hosting management.

Your website will need a domain name, hosting package and email. This makes you and your website available 24/7. We can set up all that for you, look after things and keep you online. If you already have a domain and hosting package sorted, don’t worry, we can work with that.

Optimised for search.

Everyone wants their website to be at the top of page 1 on Google. To achieve this we need to think carefully about using the right keywords and employing other mechanisms to make sure that your website gets noticed. We can talk about this before your website is ready to go live.

Who we are.

Totally Websites is a small website company located in Tottington, near Bury Lancashire created by Matt Rigby and has been designing and creating websites for businesses, charities, and local organisations & community groups since 2013. All our websites are built with clean designs and responsive layouts using the latest technologies. While our main focus is to design and build websites, we also provide hosting, seo, social media, email, and even training so that you can edit your own website.

What we do.

We really love the process of planning and sketching ideas, developing layouts and site navigation, and finally creating websites that incorporate a range of features such as search engine optimisation, custom online contact forms, embedded video & audio, animations & stylesheets. We’re always brimming with creative ideas, love talking about new projects and we’re happy to have a conversation about yours. The sites we build always get our full attention and we don’t rush anything.

Now that you know who we are and what we do… how can we help you?